Aquaculture Tanks

Quality Aquaculture Tanks for the 21st Century

The Aqua 2100 system utilizes air to circulate water to the culture tank from the rotary drum filter. The system is designed to provide two “opposing flows” of water, created by compressed air being introduced at the base of each side of the tank. As the air rises through the water it not only provides oxygen but also creates two opposing circulating flows. This circular pattern enables solids to be gently drawn into the outflow ports located at the bottom on both sides of the tank and passed through, intact to the rotary drum filter.


Aquaculture Tank with 6000 Tilapia at 1.25lb average size.

This unique (Patented) “Opposing Flow” technology also creates a continual current in the culture tank. After the biofilter, the purified water is evenly distributed back into the culture tank, entering from both sides of the tank causing the fish to align themselves in the current, constantly swimming “ upstream” facing either side of the 40’ long tank. With this constant swimming motion the fish can metabolize the high protein feed into flesh which will give them a higher yield as compared to fish grown in circular aquaculture tanks.


Opposing Flows Technology Air Diffusers oxygenating the water.

Oxygen is injected into the system at three points. One is in the biofilter area where there is 48 feet of Opposing Flows air diffusers. The second is in the culture tank itself where there is 80 feet of Opposing Flows air diffusers. The third is through the airlift water return system. Only one blower is required to handle all three of these processes and can also operate multiple tanks, although a backup is recommended. With this system we have densities of .75 pounds per gallon regularly.

Integrated fluidized bed biofilter has 105 cuft of OFT media,it can easly handle 150 pounds of food per day.

Custom made PR Aqua rotary drum filters remove the solids from 6-10,000 gallon culture tanks.